rivet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham
Rivet 3.1.7
The Rivet MC analysis framework

Rivet is a C++ and Python framework for preservation and reinterpretation of particle collider analyses, suitable for comparison with Monte Carlo event generator predictions, and an enabler of physics model development, validation, and optimisation in both Standard Model and BSM.

Rivet is built on the dual concepts of analyses – routines which implement published experiment analyses – and projections – routines which compute observables from MC event records. It is designed to be efficient via automatic caching of projection results for each event, and very "physicist friendly" with analysis codes containing minimal boilerplate code and maximum physics.

Key classes

  • Analysis: base for implementation of analysis logic
  • Particle: representation of (meta)particles
  • Jet: representation of recursively clustered particle jets
  • FourMomentum: a 4-momentum object
  • Event: container of all particles
  • ParticleBase: core functionality for particles and jets

Key projections

Key tools

  • Modules
  • Filtering utilities
  • Container utilities
  • String utilities
  • PID utilities

Detector projections

  • SmearedParticles: detector efficiency and smearing functions for particles
  • SmearedJets: detector efficiency and smearing functions for jets
  • SmearedMET: detector efficiency and smearing functions for missing ET

Advanced classes (for API embedding)

For more information, please see the documentation via https://rivet.hepforge.org/