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Rivet 4.0.0
Rivet::Jets Class Reference

Specialised vector of Jet objects. More...

#include <Jet.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Rivet::Jets:

Public Types

using base = std::vector< Jet >

Public Member Functions

 Jets (const std::vector< Jet > &vjs)
FourMomenta moms () const
PseudoJets pseudojets () const
 operator FourMomenta () const
 operator PseudoJets () const
Jetsoperator+= (const Jet &j)
Jetsoperator+= (const Jets &js)

Detailed Description

Specialised vector of Jet objects.

A specialised version of vector<Jet> which is able to implicitly and explicitly convert to a vector of FourMomentum or PseudoJet.

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