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Rivet 4.0.0
Rivet::Cuts Namespace Reference

Namespace used for ambiguous identifiers. More...


enum  Quantity {
  pT =0 , pt =0 , Et =1 , et =1 ,
  E =2 , energy =2 , mass , rap ,
  absrap , eta , abseta , phi ,
  pid , abspid , charge , abscharge ,
  charge3 , abscharge3 , pz
 Available categories of cut objects.


const Cut & open ()
 Fully open cut singleton, accepts everything.
Shortcuts for common cuts, using the Quantity enums defined above
Cut range (Quantity, double m, double n)
Cut ptIn (double m, double n)
Cut etIn (double m, double n)
Cut energyIn (double m, double n)
Cut massIn (double m, double n)
Cut rapIn (double m, double n)
Cut absrapIn (double m, double n)
Cut etaIn (double m, double n)
Cut absetaIn (double m, double n)


const Cut & OPEN
const Cut & NOCUT

Detailed Description

Namespace used for ambiguous identifiers.