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Rivet 4.0.0
Rivet::FourVector Class Reference

Specialisation of VectorN to a general (non-momentum) Lorentz 4-vector. More...

#include <Vector4.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Rivet::FourVector:
Rivet::Vector< 4 > Rivet::FourMomentum

Public Types

using EVector = RivetEigen::Matrix< double, N, 1 >

Public Member Functions

template<typename V4TYPE , typename std::enable_if< HasXYZT< V4TYPE >::value, int >::type DUMMY = 0>
 FourVector (const V4TYPE &other)
 FourVector (const Vector< 4 > &other)
 FourVector (const double t, const double x, const double y, const double z)
 operator fastjet::PseudoJet () const
 Cast operator to FastJet PseudoJet.
double t () const
double t2 () const
FourVectorsetT (const double t)
double x () const
double x2 () const
FourVectorsetX (const double x)
double y () const
double y2 () const
FourVectorsetY (const double y)
double z () const
double z2 () const
FourVectorsetZ (const double z)
double invariant () const
bool isNull () const
double angle (const FourVector &v) const
 Angle between this vector and another.
double angle (const Vector3 &v3) const
 Angle between this vector and another (3-vector)
double polarRadius2 () const
 Mod-square of the projection of the 3-vector on to the \( x-y \) plane This is a more efficient function than polarRadius, as it avoids the square root. Use it if you only need the squared value, or e.g. an ordering by magnitude.
double perp2 () const
 Synonym for polarRadius2.
double rho2 () const
 Synonym for polarRadius2.
double polarRadius () const
 Magnitude of projection of 3-vector on to the \( x-y \) plane.
double perp () const
 Synonym for polarRadius.
double rho () const
 Synonym for polarRadius.
Vector3 polarVec () const
 Projection of 3-vector on to the \( x-y \) plane.
Vector3 perpVec () const
 Synonym for polarVec.
Vector3 rhoVec () const
 Synonym for polarVec.
double azimuthalAngle (const PhiMapping mapping=ZERO_2PI) const
 Angle subtended by the 3-vector's projection in x-y and the x-axis.
double phi (const PhiMapping mapping=ZERO_2PI) const
 Synonym for azimuthalAngle.
double polarAngle () const
 Angle subtended by the 3-vector and the z-axis.
double theta () const
 Synonym for polarAngle.
double pseudorapidity () const
 Pseudorapidity (defined purely by the 3-vector components)
double eta () const
 Synonym for pseudorapidity.
double abspseudorapidity () const
 Get the \( |\eta| \) directly.
double abseta () const
 Get the \( |\eta| \) directly (alias).
Vector3 vector3 () const
 Get the spatial part of the 4-vector as a 3-vector.
 operator Vector3 () const
 Implicit cast to a 3-vector.
double contract (const FourVector &v) const
 Contract two 4-vectors, with metric signature (+ - - -).
double dot (const FourVector &v) const
 Contract two 4-vectors, with metric signature (+ - - -).
double operator* (const FourVector &v) const
 Contract two 4-vectors, with metric signature (+ - - -).
FourVectoroperator*= (double a)
 Multiply by a scalar.
FourVectoroperator/= (double a)
 Divide by a scalar.
FourVectoroperator+= (const FourVector &v)
 Add to this 4-vector.
FourVectoroperator-= (const FourVector &v)
 Subtract from this 4-vector. NB time as well as space components are subtracted.
FourVector operator- () const
 Multiply all components (space and time) by -1.
FourVector reverse () const
 Multiply space components only by -1.
const doubleget (const size_t index) const
doubleget (const size_t index)
const doubleoperator[] (const size_t index) const
 Direct access to vector elements by index.
doubleoperator[] (const size_t index)
 Direct access to vector elements by index.
Vector< N > & set (const size_t index, const double value)
 Set indexed value.
constexpr size_t size () const
 Vector dimensionality.
bool isZero (double tolerance=1E-5) const
 Check for nullness, allowing for numerical precision.
double mod2 () const
 Calculate the modulus-squared of a vector. \( \sum_{i=1}^N x_i^2 \).
double mod () const
 Calculate the modulus of a vector. \( \sqrt{\sum_{i=1}^N x_i^2} \).
bool operator== (const Vector< N > &a) const
bool operator!= (const Vector< N > &a) const


FourVector multiply (const double a, const FourVector &v)
FourVector multiply (const FourVector &v, const double a)
FourVector add (const FourVector &a, const FourVector &b)
FourVector transform (const LorentzTransform &lt, const FourVector &v4)

Detailed Description

Specialisation of VectorN to a general (non-momentum) Lorentz 4-vector.

Add composite set/mk methods from different coord systems

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator fastjet::PseudoJet()

Rivet::FourVector::operator fastjet::PseudoJet ( ) const

Cast operator to FastJet PseudoJet.

Needed, since otherwise the PseudoJet template constructor assumes the indices [0-3] mean px,py,pz,E... but Rivet uses E,px,py,pz ordering.

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