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Troubleshooting: the curse of Boost!

A typical stumbling point on systems where not all packages are either installed via a system package manager or in the LCG area, is the Boost package on which Rivet depends (it is a library of future C++ standard library feature candidates). If you have an installation of Boost on your system in a non-standard place, e.g. /sw or /opt, then you can point the bootstrap at this, cf. GettingStarted.

This usually works, but Boost is often installed in strangely non-standard ways! The above command implies that the bootstrap will be able to find the Boost headers in either /opt/include/boost or /opt/include/boost-1_XXX/boost (where XXX is the Boost version: we just look for the include/boost-* pattern.) If you don't have Boost installed in one of these forms, you will have to "normalise" the Boost header directory structure by judicious use of symlinks.

Finally, if you have no Boost on your system at all, and you can't get a pre-packaged one with your system package manager, you can tell the bootstrap to install its own copy in $PREFIX, cf. GettingStarted. Note that to save time this will just copy the Boost headers into place -- most of Boost is a purely header library, which is sufficient for Rivet.

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