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This will have initialise, fill and finalise methods called by the user's main program (respectively) just after the initialsation, event generation and generator termination steps.

This is the main class accessed from the user's main program, as follows:

  1. Instantiate a Rivet::Handler
  2. Add to it all the Rivet::Analysis classes you wish to use. At this stage each RivetAnalysis is instantiated.
  3. Initialise your Handler. In the initialisation stage, every RivetAnalysis to be used will have any further initialisation (apart from whatever is done in its constructor) carried out.
  4. Start an event loop and generate an event.
  5. Invoke the Handler analyze method.
  6. ... continue looping...
  7. Finalize the generator.
  8. Invoke the Handler finalize method.
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