Rivet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Package release checklist

Follow the following points when making a release.

  • Make sure that the new analyses in https://www.hepforge.org/archive/rivet/contrib/ have been integrated into the release.
  • Make sure that make check works.
  • (Make sure that make distcheck works.)
  • Make sure that both bootstrap scripts can be run on lxplus (you may need to set up an LCG environment to get a suitable compiler with the non-LCG bootstrap)
  • Increment version number in configure.ac and make sure there is a "Release version X.Y.Z" comment at the top of the ChangeLog?.
  • Tag release via hg tag rivet-x.y.z followed by hg push (check existing tags with hg tags). If making a new "major" X.Y.0 version, you will need to make a new named branch for future patch/maintenance releases to work on.
  • Create tarballs with make dist and upload to ~/rivet/downloads/. make upload in the Rivet root dir will do this. Remove any beta/RC tarballs from the downloads area.
  • Update the bootstrap script to get the latest version. This will at least involve making a new hg branch for the new version and updating the version numbers in the standalone and LCG bootstrap scripts, and on the GettingStarted page.
  • Update the main Rivet Web page at ~/rivet/public_html/index.html. Archive the text of the previous release in the list of "greyed out" previous releases at the bottom of the page.
  • Update the online docs by make upload in the SVN checkout doc dir. Make sure that you configured Rivet with --enable-pdfmanual, and have asciidoc installed.
  • Rebuild and upload the analysis diff list by running bash diffanas > anadiffs.txt in the doc dir and copying the resulting file to the HepForge? public_html area. Check that http://rivet.hepforge.org/anadiffs shows the updates for the latest tag.
  • ssh on to the HF server and back up ~/rivet/public_html/analyses.html to ~/rivet/public_html/analysesXYZ.html where XYZ is the new version, and similarly for rivet-manual.pdf -> rivet-manual-XYZ.pdf.
  • still on the HF server, rebuild the Doxygen docs: cd to ~/rivet/codedocs, then update rivetdev.dox to use the latest version number. Now cd code and call hg update rivet-X.Y.Z, then cd .. and call ./run. Then cd ../public_html/code && cp -r dev X.Y.Z where X.Y.Z is again the new version number.
  • (Update the arXiv manual: the tarball is made by running make arxivtar in the SVN checkout doc dir.)
  • Send out the release announcement email to the rivet-announce and genser-dev lists.
  • Update the analysis.json on hepforge using rivet-contrib.hg/devscripts/MigrateSpiresToInspire More specifically, hg clone the repo at login.hepforge.orghepforge/hg/rivet/public/contrib and navigate to devscripts/MigrateSpiresToInspire then follow the very detailed instructions in that directories README

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