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Getting started with Rivet/Rivetgun?

James: Tommy and I found the following to work, at least as far as building Rivet:

download "./configure" "make" and "make install" these external packages using automake 1.9 and autoconf 2.59

  • HepMC 2.0.x
  • HepPDT 2.02.02 from here
  • log4cpp 0.3.5rc3 from here

In addition, we also installed out own copy of libtool in ~/Cedar/local to make sure we had the correct version (also had our own autotools and autoconf there, but probably unnecessary). exported the paths to autotools etc

export AUTOCONF = $HOME/Cedar/local/bin/autoconf export AUTOMAKE = $HOME/Cedar/local/bin/automake export LIBTOOL = $HOME/Cedar/local/bin/libtool export ACLOCAL = $HOME/Cedar/local/bin/aclocal

and just for good measure made sure that $HOME/Cedar/local/bin was also at the front of $PATH

Having installed all that lot, we found that Rivet itself would build.

Running Rivet

To run RivetGun, you'll also need at least one generator package, e.g.

  • Herwig 6.5.10
  • LHAPDF 5.x

Build RivetGun with the normal ./configure (--prefix=...), make, make install mantra. This should detect that you've got Rivet, Herwig and LHAPDF installed and build test applications based on that. The most useful test binaries will be located in .../src/Test/, with names like testFHerwig6510 and testFHerwig6510WithRivet. All these executables are built from the testGenerator.cc source file, by using different build arguments --- see src/Test/Makefile.am. Feel free to add your own Analysis to the list --- see the Rivet Doxygen pages for the API guide.