rivet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham
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Getting started with Rivet

To download rivet use the command

svn checkout http://svn.hepforge.org/rivet/trunk rivet

this will download rivet in a folder named 'rivet' in the current directory

Download rivet and the external packages below, and do the usual ./configure; make; make install;. Use automake 1.9 and autoconf 2.59

You will find that this release candidate of log4cpp does not build due to an extra semi-colon on line 29 of include/log4cpp/Manipulator.hh. Remove this semi-colon and it's ok. This has been reported as a bug to the developers and will be fixed in the next release.

In addition, we also installed out own copy of libtool in ~/Cedar/local to make sure we had the correct version (also had our own autotools and autoconf there, but probably unnecessary). exported the paths to autotools etc

  export AUTOCONF = $HOME/Cedar/local/bin/autoconf
  export AUTOMAKE = $HOME/Cedar/local/bin/automake
  export LIBTOOL = $HOME/Cedar/local/bin/libtool
  export ACLOCAL = $HOME/Cedar/local/bin/aclocal

and just for good measure made sure that $HOME/Cedar/local/bin was also at the front of $PATH

Having installed all that lot, we found that Rivet itself would build.

Running Rivet

To run Rivet, you'll need to link to a main programme. Within CEDAR we use RivetGun; to see how to get started with this, follow these instructions.

Some Problems and Solutions

David: Here are some problems and soulutions I've encountered.

log4cpp 0.3.5rc3

problem: when running make check, one of the tests fails resulting in an error. However if you run make without running the tests it compiles and installs ok.

solution: this is probably not a real problem since James used this version but don't be surprised if you get this error, to be on the safe side I installed the older version log4cpp 0.2.8

log4cpp 0.2.8

problem: here is a problem I encountered when running make with log4cpp. 0.2.8 on my home computer.

Clock.hh:13: error: ISO C++ does not support `long long'

soulution: not the best solution but I edited the header file (from which the error stemmed) from type long long to type long. No problems... yet, probably a much better idea would be to install the dependency.

Complete installation instructions, tested at UCL and University of Durham (Feb/2007)

(to run examples with RivetGun, based on different event generators)

For local user installations a directory (e.g. named local) has to be created to be supposed to contain the created libraries. (For a global system wide installation the default directory is /usr/local/) Remember also to include the .../local/lib absolute path in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

First Installation of related packages: (some of the packages might already be installed globally system wide.

In this case you don't need to re-install those packages but the path has to be right)

  1. CLHEP version from http://proj-clhep.web.cern.ch/proj-clhep/
    do: ar xvzf clhep-

mv clhep2.0.3.1 (optionally)
cd clhep2.0.3.1/CLHEP
./configure (for global system wide installation)
or :
./configure --prefix=[path_to_my_local_directory]
(where [path_to_my_local_directory] could be e.g. ${HOME}/local)
make install
cd ../..

  1. HepMC version 2.00.02 from http://lcgapp.cern.ch/project/simu/HepMC/download/
    do: tar xvzf HepMC-2.00.02.tar.gz

cd HepMC-2.00.02
./configure [--prefix=[path_to_my_local_directory]]
make install
cd ..

  1. HepPDT version 2.02.02 from http://lcgapp.cern.ch/project/simu/HepPDT/download/
    do: tar xvzf HepPDT-2.02.02.tar.gz

cd HepPDT-2.02.02
make install
cd ..

  1. KtJet version 1.7 from http://www.hepforge.org/downloads/ktjet
    do: tar xvz KtJet-1.07.tar.gz

cd KtJet-1.07
./configure --prefix=/tmp/sonne/local CLHEPPATH=/tmp/sonne/local
make install
cd ..

  1. log4cpp version 0.5.3rc3 from http://sourceforge.net/project/downloading.php?group_id=15190&use_mirror=mesh&filename=log4cpp-0.3.5rc3.tar.gz&11773209
    do: tar xvzf log4cpp-0.3.5rc3.tar.gz
    cd log4cpp-0.3.5rc3
    remove superfluous semicolon on line 29 of header file include/log4cpp/Manipulator.hh
    ./configure --prefix=/tmp/sonne/local
    make install
    cd ..
  1. Rivet (for the time being latest version can be fetched from:)

svn co http://svn.hepforge.org/rivet/trunk rivet
cd rivet
autoreconf -iv
./configure --prefix=/tmp/sonne/local
make install
cd ..