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Getting started with Rivet/Rivetgun?

James: Tommy and I found the following to work, at least as far as building Rivet:

download "./configure" "make" and "make install" these external packages using automake 1.9 and autoconf 2.59

  • Herwig 6.5.10
  • HepPDT 2.02.02 from here
  • log4cpp 0.3.5rc3 from here
  • Must have CLHEP installed.
  • Install HepMC from Andy's tarball: ~buckley/proj/HepMC-1.26.00/HepMC.tar.gz on CEDAR server (see below).
  • Check out Rivet from Subversion.
  • configure, make, make install
  • Check out RivetGun from Subversion.
  • configure, make
  • Should now have some executables in subdirectory "test"

HepMC tarball

From Andy:

For your information (particularly for Ben), I've tarred up a copy of the compiled HepMC 1.26 library and headers and put it on h6 at ~buckley/proj/HepMC-1.26.00/HepMC.tar.gz

This version is from Matt Dobbs' web page with some hacks applied to make it handle the CLHEP2 namespaces etc. properly. The structure of the tarball is:

|_ include
|        |_ HepMC
|               |_ GenParticle.h, etc.
|_ lib
      |_ libHepMC.so

so cd'ing to your local installs area (I use $HOME/cedarlocal, for example) and untarring the tarball should unpack properly into the include and lib directories, as automake would do.