Rivet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Welcome to Rivet!

Rivet is a framework for analysing simulated collider events in HepMC format. As well as providing the infrastructure for such analyses, it provides a set of efficient observable calculators and a large collection of standard analyses from a variety of colliders and experiments. Rivet is designed to be an efficient and simple-to-use system for generator validation, tuning, and regression testing.

  • If you have trouble, please check the TroubleShooting page and then contact the authors at rivet@… (remove the NOSPAM!) if the problems persist.

To identify the responsible parties, see WhoWorksOnRivet.


The important bits:

Less important things:


Look at the tickets! {3}

Developers should read the DeveloperGuide for a guide to what we're trying to do, and CodingStyleGuide for some code style rules/conventions.

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