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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Analysis.hh [code]
AnalysisBuilder.hh [code]
AnalysisHandler.hh [code]
AnalysisInfo.hh [code]
AnalysisLoader.hh [code]
AxesDefinition.hh [code]
Beam.hh [code]
BeamConstraint.hh [code]
BeamThrust.hh [code]
BinnedHistogram.hh [code]
CentralEtHCM.hh [code]
CentralityBinner.hh [code]
ChargedFinalState.hh [code]
ChargedLeptons.hh [code]
Cmp.fhh [code]
Cmp.hh [code]
Constants.hh [code]
ConstLossyFinalState.hh [code]
Cutflow.hh [code]
Cuts.fhh [code]
Cuts.hh [code]
DISFinalState.hh [code]
DISKinematics.hh [code]
DISLepton.hh [code]
DressedLeptons.hh [code]
Event.hh [code]
Exceptions.hh [code]
FastJets.hh [code]
FinalPartons.hh [code]
FinalState.hh [code]
FinalStates.hh [code]Convenience include of all FinalState projection headers
FoxWolframMoments.hh [code]
FParameter.hh [code]
HadronicFinalState.hh [code]
HeavyHadrons.hh [code]
Hemispheres.hh [code]
IdentifiedFinalState.hh [code]
InitialQuarks.hh [code]
InvMassFinalState.hh [code]
Jet.fhh [code]
Jet.hh [code]
JetAlg.hh [code]
JetShape.hh [code]
JetSmearingFunctions.hh [code]
JetUtils.hh [code]
LeadingParticlesFinalState.hh [code]
lester_mt2_bisect.hh [code]
Logging.fhh [code]
Logging.hh [code]
LorentzTrans.hh [code]
LossyFinalState.hh [code]
Math.hh [code]
MathHeader.hh [code]
MathUtils.hh [code]
Matrices.hh [code]
Matrix3.hh [code]
MatrixDiag.hh [code]
MatrixN.hh [code]
MC_JetAnalysis.hh [code]
MC_JetSplittings.hh [code]
MC_ParticleAnalysis.hh [code]
MergedFinalState.hh [code]
MissingMomentum.hh [code]
MomentumSmearingFunctions.hh [code]
mt2_bisect.hh [code]
NeutralFinalState.hh [code]
NonHadronicFinalState.hh [code]
NonPromptFinalState.hh [code]
osdir.hh [code]
ParisiTensor.hh [code]
Particle.fhh [code]
Particle.hh [code]
ParticleBase.hh [code]
ParticleBaseUtils.hh [code]
ParticleFinder.hh [code]
ParticleIdUtils.hh [code]
ParticleName.hh [code]
ParticleSmearingFunctions.hh [code]
ParticleUtils.hh [code]
PartonicTops.hh [code]
PrettyPrint.hh [code]
PrimaryHadrons.hh [code]
Projection.fhh [code]
Projection.hh [code]
ProjectionApplier.hh [code]
ProjectionHandler.hh [code]
PromptFinalState.hh [code]
Random.hh [code]
Rivet.hh [code]
RivetCommon.hh [code]
RivetFastJet.hh [code]
RivetHepMC.hh [code]
RivetMT2.hh [code]
RivetPaths.hh [code]
RivetSTL.hh [code]
RivetYODA.hh [code]
Run.hh [code]
SmearedJets.hh [code]
SmearedMET.hh [code]
SmearedParticles.hh [code]
Smearing.hh [code]Convenience include of all Smearing projection headers
SmearingFunctions.hh [code]
Sphericity.hh [code]
Spherocity.hh [code]
StdHeader.hh [code]
TauFinder.hh [code]
Thrust.hh [code]
TriggerCDFRun0Run1.hh [code]
TriggerCDFRun2.hh [code]
TriggerUA5.hh [code]
TypeTraits.hh [code]
Units.hh [code]
UnstableFinalState.hh [code]
Utils.hh [code]
Vector3.hh [code]
Vector4.hh [code]
VectorN.hh [code]
Vectors.hh [code]
VetoedFinalState.hh [code]
VisibleFinalState.hh [code]
WFinder.hh [code]
ZFinder.hh [code]