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VectorN.hh File Reference
#include "Rivet/Math/MathHeader.hh"
#include "Rivet/Math/MathUtils.hh"
#include "Rivet/Math/eigen/vector.h"
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class  Vector< N >
 A minimal base class for $ N $-dimensional vectors. More...


namespace  Rivet


template<size_t N>
Vector< N > multiply (const Matrix< N > &a, const Vector< N > &b)
template<size_t N>
bool fuzzyEquals (const Vector< N > &va, const Vector< N > &vb, double tolerance=1E-5)
 Compare two vectors by index, allowing for numerical precision.
template<size_t N>
bool isZero (const Vector< N > &v, double tolerance=1E-5)
 External form of numerically safe nullness check.
String representations of vectors
template<size_t N>
const string toString (const Vector< N > &v)
 Make string representation.
template<size_t N>
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const Vector< N > &v)
 Stream out string representation.