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RivetFastJet.hh File Reference
#include "Rivet/Config/RivetCommon.hh"
#include "fastjet/JetDefinition.hh"
#include "fastjet/AreaDefinition.hh"
#include "fastjet/ClusterSequence.hh"
#include "fastjet/ClusterSequenceArea.hh"
#include "fastjet/PseudoJet.hh"
#include "fastjet/tools/Filter.hh"
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namespace  Rivet


typedef std::vector< PseudoJet > PseudoJets
 Typedef for a collection of PseudoJet objects.


Vector3 momentum3 (const fastjet::PseudoJet &pj)
 Make a 3-momentum vector from a FastJet pseudojet.
FourMomentum momentum (const fastjet::PseudoJet &pj)
 Make a 4-momentum vector from a FastJet pseudojet.