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Jet.hh File Reference
#include "Rivet/Config/RivetCommon.hh"
#include "Rivet/Jet.fhh"
#include "Rivet/Particle.hh"
#include "Rivet/Tools/Cuts.hh"
#include "Rivet/Tools/Utils.hh"
#include "Rivet/Tools/RivetFastJet.hh"
#include "Rivet/Math/LorentzTrans.hh"
#include <numeric>
#include "Rivet/Tools/JetUtils.hh"
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class  Jet
 Representation of a clustered jet of particles. More...


namespace  Rivet


String representation and streaming support
std::string to_str (const Jet &j)
 Represent a Jet as a string.
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Jet &j)
 Allow a Jet to be passed to an ostream.