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Cuts.hh File Reference
#include "Rivet/Tools/Cuts.fhh"
#include <memory>
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class  CutBase


namespace  Rivet
namespace  Rivet::Cuts

Namespace used for ambiguous identifiers.


enum  Quantity {
  pT = 0, pt = 0, Et = 1, et = 1,
  mass, rap, absrap, eta,
  abseta, phi, pid, abspid,
  charge, abscharge, charge3, abscharge3
 Available categories of cut objects. More...


bool operator== (const Cut &a, const Cut &b)
 Compare two cuts for equality, forwards to the cut-specific implementation.
const Cut & open ()
 Fully open cut singleton, accepts everything.
Shortcuts for common cuts
Cut range (Quantity, double m, double n)
Cut etaIn (double m, double n)
Cut rapIn (double m, double n)
Cut absetaIn (double m, double n)
Cut absrapIn (double m, double n)
Cut ptIn (double m, double n)
Cut etIn (double m, double n)
Cut massIn (double m, double n)
Cut constructors
Cut operator== (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator!= (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator< (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator> (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator<= (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator>= (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator== (Cuts::Quantity qty, int i)
Cut operator!= (Cuts::Quantity qty, int i)
Cut operator< (Cuts::Quantity qty, int i)
Cut operator> (Cuts::Quantity qty, int i)
Cut operator<= (Cuts::Quantity qty, int i)
Cut operator>= (Cuts::Quantity qty, int i)
Cut combiners
Cut operator&& (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
Cut operator|| (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
Cut operator! (const Cut &cptr)
 Logical NOT operation on a cut.
Cut operator& (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
 Logical AND operation on two cuts.
Cut operator| (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
 Logical OR operation on two cuts.
Cut operator~ (const Cut &cptr)
 Logical NOT operation on a cut.
Cut operator^ (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
 Logical XOR operation on two cuts.


const Cut & OPEN = Cuts::open()
const Cut & NOCUT = Cuts::open()