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Cuts.cc File Reference
#include "Rivet/Tools/Cuts.hh"
#include "Rivet/Particle.hh"
#include "Rivet/Jet.hh"
#include "Rivet/Math/Vectors.hh"
#include "fastjet/PseudoJet.hh"
#include "HepMC/SimpleVector.h"
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class  CuttableBase
class  Open_Cut
class  Cut_Eq
class  Cut_NEq
class  Cut_GtrEq
class  Cut_Less
class  Cut_Gtr
class  Cut_LessEq
class  CutsOr
 AND, OR, NOT, and XOR objects for combining cuts. More...
class  CutsAnd
class  CutInvert
class  CutsXor
class  Cuttable< Particle >
class  Cuttable< FourMomentum >
class  Cuttable< Jet >
class  Cuttable< fastjet::PseudoJet >
class  Cuttable< HepMC::FourVector >


namespace  Rivet




template<typename T >
Cut make_cut (T t)
void qty_not_found ()
Cut constructors
Cut operator== (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator!= (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator< (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator>= (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator<= (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut operator> (Cuts::Quantity, double)
Cut combiners
Cut operator&& (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
Cut operator|| (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
Cut operator! (const Cut &cptr)
 Logical NOT operation on a cut.
Cut operator& (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
 Logical AND operation on two cuts.
Cut operator| (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
 Logical OR operation on two cuts.
Cut operator~ (const Cut &cptr)
 Logical NOT operation on a cut.
Cut operator^ (const Cut &aptr, const Cut &bptr)
 Logical XOR operation on two cuts.

Define Documentation

template <>                                                 \
    bool CutBase::accept<TYPENAME>(const TYPENAME& t) const {   \
      return _accept(Cuttable<TYPENAME>(t));                    \
    }                                                           \

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