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BeamConstraint.hh File Reference
#include "Rivet/Particle.hh"
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namespace  Rivet


bool compatible (PdgId p, PdgId allowed)
bool compatible (const PdgIdPair &pair, const PdgIdPair &allowedpair)
bool compatible (const ParticlePair &ppair, const PdgIdPair &allowedpair)
 Check particle compatibility of Particle pairs.
bool compatible (const PdgIdPair &allowedpair, const ParticlePair &ppair)
 Check particle compatibility of Particle pairs (for symmetric completeness)
bool compatible (const PdgIdPair &pair, const set< PdgIdPair > &allowedpairs)
set< PdgIdPair > intersection (const set< PdgIdPair > &a, const set< PdgIdPair > &b)
 Return the intersection of two sets of {PdgIdPair}s.