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Z + gamma production at 7 TeV
Experiment: ATLAS (LHC)
Inspire ID: 1217863
  • Chritian Gutschow
References: Beams: p+ p+
Beam energies: (3500.0, 3500.0) GeV
Run details:
  • Z+gamma in the muon channel

Measurements of the differential fiducial cross sections for the production of a Z boson in association with a high-energy photon are measured using pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=7 \text{TeV}$. The analysis uses a data sample with an integrated luminosity of 4.6/fb collected by the ATLAS detector during the 2011 LHC data-taking period. Events are selected using leptonic decays of the Z bosons with the requirement of an associated isolated photon. The default routine will consider the electron decay channel of the Z boson. Use ATLAS_2013_I1217863_Z_EL and ATLAS_2013_I1217863_Z_MU to specify the decay channel directly.